Virtual visiting room is a FREE website which has been designed to support hospital patients and their families and save precious time for hospital staff. website

Best described as an online visiting room, it aims to establish a support network for patients and their families and friends to share information and well wishes, donate to charity, send flowers and much more.

It is completely secure and confidential as well as easy to use and easily accessible. A visitor to the site simply opens an online visiting room and invites friends and family to view regular bulletins and post their own messages of support between one another. Distance is no problem, even for friends and relatives overseas, and the room is open 24 hours a day, every day.

Many of us have experienced the type of problems faced by thousands of people every day when a relative is in hospital. As a result our members recognise the real advantages their online visiting room brings, be it in supporting carers and patients, saving precious time, reducing risk of infection, or providing an opportunity for loved ones to join a caring network when hospital visiting may prove difficult (due to critical care, patient privacy, distance, lack of mobility, family tensions, childcare issues, etc.).


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