Infection Control

Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust take infection prevention and control extremely seriously working hard to reduce as far as is possible the risk to patients we care for. Clinical practice is continually monitored as are the standards of environmental maintenance and cleaning.

Infection prevention and control services are provided by a multidisciplinary team of nurse specialists and consultant medical microbiologists. The Microbiology department supports the service by providing technical expertise. The team provides expert advice to all grades of staff on the prevention of health care associated infections, management of infected patients and other infection prevention and control concerns. 

Our aim is to ensure that patients do not acquire infection whilst in our care. The risk of infection to patients, staff and visitors is minimised through a range of prevention and control processes. The team in association with senior nurses and matrons closely monitor infection rates and undertake audits to maintain consistently high standards. 

If you are visiting use the hand hygiene facilities provided at the entrances to wards both before entering and when leaving the area.

Pay attention to advice given if visiting patients who are being isolated.

Please do not come to the hospital if you are unwell yourself for example with diarrhoea and or vomiting. Leave a period of 48 hours after all symptoms cease before visiting.

Limit the amount of visitors to two people at any time.

If you see something that has been missed during cleaning, report it to the nurse in charge.

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