Strategic Plan 2014 - 2019

Our Strategic Plan for 2014-2019 sets out how Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (BHFT) will deliver clinical and operational sustainability and financial viability over the coming years.

The Trust has a clear vision for the organisation, which is “to be the local healthcare provider of choice", meaning that when people in our community need healthcare, they will look to Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

This vision means we will:

  • Be a provider that our community recommends - not just for hospital care, but for healthcare - because we offer high quality and easy access to specialist capability
  • Understand and listen to our community, particularly as their needs evolve - this includes the public, our patients, our staff, our carers and our GPs
  • Evolve with the changing landscape of healthcare and take a lead on delivering innovative approaches to delivering care
  • Accept where we cannot sustain a specialist service and ensure our community trusts us to bring it the best alternative provider by partnership working with others

Our mission is to "deliver the best patient experience", through the implementation of our Quality Strategy. This strategy means we deliver care that is Consistently Safe, Consistently Effective and Perceived by patients in a positive way.

The Strategic Plan can be read here.

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