Quality Strategy 2013-15

Our Quality Strategy for 2013-2015 sets out what we want to achieve, defines what success would look like and explains how we will deliver these goals. It is built around our strategic objectives of delivering care that is:

  • Consistently safe
  • Consistently effective
  • Perceived by patients in a positive way

We want our staff to fully embrace the Quality Strategy and every member of staff has received a summary version, as well as hearing more about it through various channels. Staff, patients and visitors can see information panels around the hospitals and posters with the iconic ‘tick’ symbol which reinforce those important quality messages.

Chief Nurse & Chief Operating Officer Brendan Brown, one of the architects of the Strategy, said: “This is an important initiative.

“We are absolutely committed to ensuring that the Quality Strategy goes way beyond a written protocol. It should be translated into everything we do, becoming an instinctive part of daily life in our hospitals, and our daily mission for how we provide care. This will not only benefit our patients – it will also help to ensure that the Trust is a positive working environment – one in which we can all take pride.”

The Strategy can be read here.

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