Your medicines

A Pharmacist will visit your Ward regularly and will be happy to discuss any queries or concerns you have about your medication.

Burton Hospitals encourages you to bring all your current medications into hospital and will support you to take your own medicines while you are in hospital, rather than a nurse routinely giving them to you .

Self administration of medicines in hospital allows you to have the responsibility for taking your medicines with supervision and support from the health care professionals involved in your care. Being responsible for your own medication can help you feel more independent during your stay and increase your knowledge about your medicines so that you are better able to cope with them when you go home.

If you would like to administer your own medications/Injections, please tell the nurse looking after you.

Before leaving hospital, you will be given a supply of any new medicines you need to take home. Any medications prescribed by your GP which have not been changed and you have a supply at home or you have brought them into hospital, you will not receive a further supply.

If you need further supplies, your GP will give you a prescription for these.

If you are given any new medicines and you are uncertain as to its purpose or how to take it, please ask a member of the Ward or Pharmacy staff, or your GP. Alternatively, you can contact our Patients’ Medicines Helpline on 01283 5511511, extension 5111 or 5168 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday

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