Pride Awards 2017

Patients and the public are being urged to vote for members of staff at Burton Hospitals who have ‘Gone the Extra Mile’ ahead of a prestigious awards ceremony.

Seventeen employees from across a range of departments at the Trust were presented with an internal ‘GEM’ award during the past 12 months.

They are all now in the running to be crowned the ‘GEM of GEMs’ and the public is being asked to vote for the winner.

The ‘GEMs’ include staff from across the Trust’s three hospitals - Queen’s Hospital, Samuel Johnson Community Hospital and Sir Robert Peel Community Hospital.

They were deemed to have gone above and beyond the call of duty to provide first-class care, reassurance and help to patients, their friends and family.

The winner will be revealed during the ‘PRIDE’ ceremony which will be held at Burton Albion’s Pirelli Stadium on June 22. It will be the Trust’s thirteenth annual staff awards event and the deadline for voting is Friday, March 31.

Thank you for your nominations in advance!

Voting has now finished! Thank you for your nominations.

Annette Webster – Staff Nurse, Ward 5

Annette was nominated by the son of a lady who had received care on ward five. If he couldn’t get time off work to meet with the consultant, Annette took time out of her busy schedule to update the son of his mother’s condition. She explained the lady’s condition and talked her relatives through the palliative care options in a sympathetic and understandable manner. Annette was described by her nominator as ‘a credit to the hospital’. He also said, ‘without people like her as nurses, these dreadful periods for families would be so much worse’.

Dr Wendy Oakley – Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

A woman whose waters broke when she was just 30 weeks pregnant has nominated Dr Oakley for her ‘calm reassurance’ during the delivery of her son.  Dr Oakley explained what was going to happen in language that the distressed patient could understand rather than  bombarding her with jargon. The mother-to-be was due to have a scan at 4.15pm but after experiencing increased levels of pain, Dr Oakley rushed her through as a priority. She performed the scan twice, despite her shift being over, and then calmly explained that the baby was at risk and needed to be delivered immediately via an emergency caesarean section. Despite being off-duty, Dr Oakley called the ward a number of times to see how mother and baby were doing. Nominating Dr Oakley, the mother said, ‘I cannot thank this lady enough for her support through this extremely hard time.’

Glad Young – Senior Sister Emergency Nurse Practitioner, Minor Injuries Unit (Samuel Johnson)

Glad Young is described by her nominator as epitomising the word ‘nurse’. She has been praised by the husband of a patient at Samuel Johnson’s Minor Injuries Unit. Glad is said to have shown the perfect combination of empathy, knowledge and humour. Her nominator added that Glad made his wife, who was in considerable pain, comfortable in a gentle manner and without causing a fuss.

Maria Thornley – Telecom Supervisor, Estates and Facilities

Maria’s colleagues described her as working ‘tirelessly’ for the department and always willing to offer a helping hand. She regularly steps in when other members of the team are off ill - even if she has already worked her own shift. Switchboard has been dealing with an increased workload since taking on calls from the community hospitals in 2015 but Maria has coped admirably with the extra pressure, always smiling and remaining upbeat no matter how stressful the role becomes.

Leanne Siekeira – Staff Nurse, Emergency Department

Leanne’s colleague has praised her for her efforts to calm down an elderly man with dementia who was extremely distressed at being in an unfamiliar environment. The patient was alone in the hospital with no carers or family and had been in the emergency department overnight. Leanne, described as a ‘kind and caring staff nurse’, began singing ‘You Are My Sunshine’ to the man in an effort to put him at ease – and it worked! She continued to sing to him when she saw him becoming upset. Leanne is said to offer a consistently high standard of care to patients.

Monika Baranowska – Nursing assistant, Ward 12

Monika remained calm at all times while assisting a patient from ward 12 who had made her way to the main thoroughfare in Queen’s Hospital. The area was extremely busy and the lady, who was very confused, had stopped in the middle of the corridor while she decided which way she wanted to go next. Monika supported the patient while at the same time apologising to other people who were walking past for any inconvenience. She ensured that the lady was safe at all times, offering her soothing words until she decided where she wanted to go. Monika’s colleague, who nominated her, had seen the lady in a confused and aggressive state the day before and was impressed with the way she had been able to assess the risks at all times and resolve the situation in a safe and calm manner.

All staff on the Anna Ward, Samuel Johnson Community Hospital

The nursing staff, housekeepers, cleaners and other members of staff on the Anna ward were nominated by a visitor for the ‘true care, kindness and compassion’ shown to his mother in her final days. He praised their holistic manner of care, thanking them for taking his son to a day room where someone sat with him so he did not have to witness his grandmother’s passing. The ward sister was described as ‘talking kindly’ to the family and giving them hot drinks. She didn’t pressurise them and allowed them to have as much time as they needed to gather themselves. The family was treated with ‘such kindness and care that we couldn’t, not nominate (the team) for this fabulous award’.

Angie Statham – Senior Sister, Haematology oncology outpatients

A patient who received chemotherapy has described Angie as being ‘incredibly supportive during my very emotional journey from diagnosis to completion’. She said that she had been upset and nervous many times while on the chemotherapy ward and that Angie was always there to have a laugh and joke with and to help take her mind off things. She was always there if the patient had to make difficult decisions regarding the next stage in her treatment. Angie allowed her to vocalise her thoughts and work through the situation in a calm way. She added that this approach had made a difficult and upsetting situation much more pleasant. The nominator praised Angie for not making her feel like ‘just a cog in the process, but like an individual who is cared about’.

Becky Stones – Nursing Assistant, Ward 5

Becky’s hard work, compassion and passion for her role have been commended by a colleague. She has worked alongside Becky on many occasions and has always found her to be very knowledgeable about the patients she cares for and willing to lend a hand in any given situation. Her nominator praised Becky’s rapport with patients and said she is very attentive to their needs. The manner in which she nurtured a new member of staff, explaining why procedures needed to be carried out, was impressive. Becky is said to be ‘an asset to ward five’.

Derek Gunner – Domestic Assistant

Colleagues of Derek nominated him for his enthusiasm, cheerfulness and passion for his job. They said they had all praised him individually but felt that the work he does in thoroughly cleaning the consultants’ corridor, offices and toilets should be formally acknowledged by the Trust.

Rachel Speedie – Radiographic Assistant, CT/MRI

Rachel has worked at the Trust for 30 years and her colleagues say she always goes above and beyond the call of duty to help others, no matter who they are. She is described as being a credit to the department, always managing to keep a smile on her face and ready to pitch in whatever the situation may be. She has been commended for her hard work and ability to calm and relax patients who feel claustrophobic prior to their scan. Her nominators have described her as a ‘true gem’.

Beth Bibb – Sister, Emergency Department

A patient who was taken to the emergency department after collapsing at home has praised Beth’s quick thinking. When the woman arrived at A&E, Beth saw her and immediately ran from behind the reception desk, before wheeling her through to the resuscitation room. She then put the patient on a trolley, put a cannula in her arm, took her bloods and arranged for a doctor to assess her immediately. The diagnosis was that the patient was suffering from seriously low blood pressure. Beth’s prompt action and care ensured that the patient received the right treatment in a timely manner. The nominator said that Beth dealt with the situation with ‘professionalism, dignity and a great amount of care and compassion’.

Bethany Lawrence – Staff Nurse, Acute Assessment Centre

The wife of a patient who sadly passed away nominated Bethany, describing the care and compassion she showed to the bereaved family as being ‘outstanding’. She described Bethany as ‘a lovely person’ who made the family feel comfortable in extremely distressing circumstances. They felt that nothing was too much trouble for her.

Emma Marchant – Diabetes Nurse, Diabetes Centre/Ante-natal clinic

A pregnant woman with a severe phobia of needles nominated Emma after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes. She said that Emma went the extra mile to make her feel comfortable enough, despite her tears, to get her through her needle session. The patient explained that Emma had even missed her lunch break and worked late to support her through the distressing time. She said she really appreciated what she had done for her.

Sarah Machin – Midwife

The mother of a baby boy nominated Sarah for an award, saying that her son probably wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for her. She described her as being ‘amazing and so supportive’ at a traumatic and scary time. The patient praised Sarah’s ability to keep both her and her partner calm and thanked her for never leaving her side throughout the experience.

Vickie Bryan – Sterile Services Supervisor

Vickie has been at the Trust for more than 20 years and is described as the ‘go to’ person for the Sterile Services team. She offers support and friendship to her colleagues, never asking for recognition or praise. Vickie has provided vital help and a listening ear to members of her team who have recently experienced bereavement and medical problems. Her colleagues nominated her for an award, saying she has a calm, common sense approach to every situation she is faced with and is adaptable to change.

Cheryl Bond – Sister, Treatment Centre

Cheryl has dedicated her own time to making bottle bags for women who have breast cancer and are using redivac drains as part of their treatment. Cheryl collects material from a local source and hand makes the bags which the bottles sit inside. Many of those who have benefitted from Cheryl’s handy-work say it makes them feel a greater acceptance of their surgery and more comfortable going out in public as the drain isn’t on show.


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