Discharge from hospital

Staff will help you and your family plan for when you are ready to leave hospital.  They will ask you about the facilities you have at home and if you have anyone who will be able to support you at home during your recovery.  They will also need to know about any support you receive from Social Services and/or community health staff.  This is to ensure all the services you need are in place before you leave hospital.

If you, or anyone who cares for you, are worried about how you will manage when you go home please talk to the Ward staff immediately.

Help, information and advice is available directly from the Social Work Department.  There are two social work teams:

•Children and Families Social Work for patients aged up to 18 years.  Contact telephone number 01283 511511, extension 4421

•Adult Social Work: Contact telephone number 01283 511511, extension 5545 or if live in Derbyshire extension 5552.

Your doctor will write to your GP about your treatment, any medicines you need and future care needs.  You may be given a follow up appointment in the Outpatient Department where you will be seen by your Consultant or a member of their team.

NB: We appreciate most patients wish to return home as soon as possible; therefore we try to keep your length of stay as short as we can.  Sometimes it is necessary for patients to be re-admitted to hospital fairly soon after being discharged.  This is not necessarily anyone’s fault, but may mean that your health care needs have changed and you would benefit from a further stay in hospital.

If you need ongoing care

Social Services may need to assess your home environment.  Once your care needs are known, a care package will be developed to make sure your needs are met in the most suitable place.

If a care package is required, the ward team will confirm a date when the service you need can start and ensure that any medicines or equipment you need are available when you leave hospital.  Ward staff will also ensure your family are aware of when you are expected to leave the Ward so they can arrange for suitable clothes to be brought in for you.  If you are returning to your own home, checks can be made to ensure that heating and lighting are working and that you have access to food.

The Discharge Lounge at Queen's

On the day of your discharge, if your condition permits, you will be transferred to our Discharge Lounge to wait.  This lounge is staffed by nurses and helps to ensure beds are available for new patients needing admission.  Hot and cold drinks and snacks are provided.  Please ask Discharge Lounge staff if you need to use the telephone or if you are worried about anything.  

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