Arriving at hospital

When you arrive at the Hospital

Please be aware that Queen's hospital is on two sites.  The main site is on the left of Belvedere Road and the Outwoods site to the right.

Your bed on the ward

It is possible that we may need to delay your admission due to unforeseen emergency admissions needing hospital care.  We do endeavour to make every effort to ensure that a bed will be available for you.  Please telephone your Ward on the day you are due to come into hospital to make sure that a bed is available for you.

Arriving on your ward

When you arrive on your ward, you will be welcomed by a member of our staff. 

You will be given an identity band to wear during your stay.  This is to ensure you can be correctly identified at all times and will be checked by staff before they provide any treatment/care so they can ensure it is delivered to the right person.  A red identity band also alerts staff if you have any allergies, so this can be checked before any medication is issued which may cause you harm.

A doctor will visit to ask you some questions about your medical history and condition, and explain your treatment plans.  Please tell your doctor or nurse about any medicines you are currently taking. 

A nurse will ask you about your everyday needs.  If you have not already done so, please tell ward staff if you have any special requirements.  If you have a carer, they may be able to tell us more about your care needs. 

From the time you are admitted to hospital, we immediately start to consider if you may need help following your discharge.  We aim to discharge you as soon as you no longer need to be in hospital, but as this may be before you have fully recovered we may need to make arrangements for you to receive the appropriate support (if necessary) when you return home.

If you need help with pensions, allowances or benefits, our staff can arrange for you or your family to see a Social Worker.

Please do ask us questions, or tell us if you have any concerns or do not understand anything.  This will enable us to deal with any issues as soon as possible.

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