Preparing for your stay

What to bring with you

There is a small locker by your bed for personal items.  We suggest you bring:

•Toiletries such as: Hairbrush, comb and shampoo; toothbrush and toothpaste/ denture cleaner; soap, deodorant, flannel, hand wipes and towels; shaving equipment; paper tissues and sanitary wear.

•Nightwear and underwear, dressing gown and slippers.  You may wish to bring some casual loose clothing to wear during the day.

•Small change for telephones and hospital shopping.

•Any aids such as spectacles, hearing aids, walking stick, zimmer frame etc.  Please ensure these items are labelled with your full name.

•Medicines (tablets, inhalers, creams and patches etc.) Please bring with you any medicines you are currently taking or using in their original packaging.  Your medicines will be kept safe during your stay.  They will not be knowingly taken away or destroyed without your permission.

•Contact details for: Your next of kin/ main contact.

•You may wish to bring a book/magazine to help pass the time. 

If you have been admitted as an emergency and/or you require any items, please speak to a member of staff. 

Money and valuables

Please do not bring valuables, expensive clothing, large sums of money, or jewellery into hospital with you.

If you are admitted as an emergency, we strongly advise you to ask a relative or friend to take home anything that you don’t need and that you tell the nursing staff you have done this.

If you cannot give your valuables to anyone, please ask a member of staff to arrange for them to be kept safe.  You should be given a receipt for any items the Trust holds on your behalf. 

The Trust cannot be responsible for the loss or damage of items that are not given to us for safe keeping.  If you or your relatives become aware that you have lost any item, please inform the ward staff immediately so that checks can be made and your loss recorded.

Electrical equipment

We request that you do not bring electrical items into hospital; any item you do bring will need to have a safety test performed by our Electricians before use. This includes phone chargers.

The Trust cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal items, so please ensure that they are covered by your own personal insurance.

Smoking, alcohol and illegal substances

The Trust is for the most part a no smoking site and we request that you do not smoke within the hospital buildings, entrances or grounds.  A smoking shelter for visitors and patients is located on the ramp near A&E. Electronic cigarettes are not allowed.

Alcohol, illegal substances and flammable materials such as matches, lighter fuel or smoking materials should not be brought into the hospital.


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