Our management

Board of Directors 

Our Board sets the overall policy and strategic direction for the Trust, approves and monitors our plans, budgets and major capital expenditure, and monitors performance against objectives.

Executive Directors

  • Helen Scott-South - Chief Executive
  • Jim Murray -  Chief Nurse
  • Duncan Bedford - Chief Operating Officer
  • Magnus Harrison – Executive Medical Director
  • Jonathan Tringham - Director of Finance, Information, Performance & Estates
  • Alison Wynne - Director of Strategy

Non-Voting Directors 

  • Tosca Fairchild - Director of Governance (Company Secretary)
  • Roger Smith – Director of Human Resources

Non Executive Directors 

The Non-Executive Directors are appointed by the Council of Governors to provide challenge to the Executive Directors and bring an independent perspective into the Trust. 

  • John Rivers - Chair
  • John Bale
  • John Davies
  • Paul Doona
  • Stephen Goode
  • Steve Hollingworth
  • Joy Street

Council of Governors 

The Trust has a Council of Governors which is made up of 14 publicly elected Governors, five staff elected Governors, and seven appointed Governors.  Our Governors meet on a regular basis and are actively involved in various Trust activities. 

Who are my Governors?



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