Ward closed to visitors at Queen's Hospital

Ward closed to visitors at Queen's Hospital
20 March 2017

BURTON Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has taken the decision to restrict visitors to one of its wards to prevent the spread of infection.

A number of patients on Ward 5 at Queen’s Hospital in Burton have been reporting symptoms of Norovirus, commonly known as the winter vomiting bug. Norovirus is a community-acquired infection which is highly contagious and, in certain cases, can provide to be fatal for some of the more vulnerable patients such as the elderly.

Visitors will now only be allowed onto Ward 5 in exceptional circumstances where a visit is deemed essential.

Paula Gardner, Chief Nurse, said: “The Trust has taken the decision to close the ward to help protect the safety of all of our patients at our hospitals. Norovirus is spread easily and it’s important that we contain and control this infection to minimise the risks of it spreading further.

“Normally, Norovirus symptoms only tend to last a couple of days but we have measures in place to ensure that those patients on Ward 5 who are currently suffering symptoms get the appropriate care and treatment.

“I would like to thank those with loved ones on Ward 5 for their understanding of the situation and we will notify the public once access to the ward has been reopened.”

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