Update on proposed strategic collaboration between BHFT and DTHFT

Update on proposed strategic collaboration between BHFT and DTHFT
16 January 2017

Derby Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust (DTHFT) and Burton Hospitals Foundation Trust (BHFT) have a history of successful joint working, and during 2016 discussions took place about building on and developing this further. Both Trusts believe there is an opportunity to develop an outstanding set of local services for the populations they serve, based on working together more closely.

The two Trusts have an overlapping population base, operating 11 miles apart. Along with the rest of the NHS, both BHFT and DTHFT are experiencing clinical, operational and financial challenges which are increasing over time as, for example, rising patient demand and workforce issues become more acute. These pressures impact on the annual performance against national quality and operational performance standards.

A strategic collaboration programme of work was established last year to answer two key questions:

1. Does a form of strategic partnership between BHFT and DTHFT improve:

  • NHS services resulting in a benefit for the populations served?
  • The combined financial position and, therefore, the financial position of the local health economy?

2. What form of strategic partnership between BHFT and DTHFT is the most appropriate to deliver these improvements?

Both organisations have considered the options for securing future sustainability and have decided that some form of strategic collaboration is likely to be the best way to address the specific sustainability challenges, as outlined in a Strategic Outline Case which was agreed by both Boards in October 2016.

Since then, the organisations have been working together to examine how they might reduce duplication and costs and support the future delivery of sustainable services for the benefit of patients and taxpayers. This could result in both clinical services and shared services working in an integrated way across Trusts, with input into Staffordshire and Derbyshire Sustainability and Transformation Plans.

A Strategic Collaboration Board and Project Team have been established, as well as a Patient Reference Group (with the support of HealthWatch Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Derby), which acts in an advisory capacity to the programme.

The Outline Business Case will be presented to both Trust boards in April 2017. If this is agreed a Full Business Case will be developed for consideration in July 2017.

There will be further updates as this programme of work reaches Outline Business Case stage.


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