Trust statement on BBC Panorama: Britain’s Sepsis Crisis

Trust statement on BBC Panorama: Britain’s Sepsis Crisis
11 September 2017

Dr Magnus Harrison, Medical Director at Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Sepsis is an incredibly serious, potentially life-threatening condition, so early diagnosis and treatment is crucial. We are absolutely committed to training and awareness on sepsis and we have made significant progress in the last few years, now seeing screening rates of nearly 100% for patients, resulting in timely diagnosis.

"We do recognise that this has not always been the case in the past and we needed to do better. We have been open with the makers of Panorama about our journey and the importance to us of getting it right for every patient, every time. We have worked closely with the UK Sepsis Trust to ensure that our plans for improvement were implemented across our hospitals according to national best practice and with the support of a dedicated specialist sepsis nurse.

“These improvements, particularly in advancing training and awareness among our clinical staff, will continue. We also want to help our local communities recognise the signs of the infection, so they feel empowered to ask, "could it be sepsis?" if they have concerns and we welcome any opportunity to raise national awareness on this topic."

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