Public urged to seek the right medical help this winter

Public urged to seek the right medical help this winter
22 December 2016

AS WINTER takes grip, clinicians at Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are asking people to seek the right medical help. When an emergency occurs, it is important that people are seen quickly and this means making sure that everyone who visits A&E does need to be there. 

Emergency conditions include breathing difficulties, chest pain, head injuries, bleeding that won’t stop, loss of consciousness, suspected stroke and allergic reactions. If you require urgent care there are a number of other places you can seek help.

Dr Magnus Harrison, Medical Director, said: “All patients should have access to timely care that is right for their condition.  In A&E we often see people who could have received the same level of care elsewhere, such as their pharmacist, GP or a Minor Injuries Unit. In making sure that patients go to the right places for their needs, it ensures that A&E staff can concentrate on those who need it most.

“There are other NHS services such as Minor Injuries Units that are designed for patients with symptoms such as cuts and grazes, sprains and strains, broken limbs, minor burns and scalds, minor head injuries such as those that may need stitches, bites and injuries to the back, shoulder and chest.

“We urge patients to remember there are lots of ways to access the NHS depending on your symptoms.”

The public can find their nearest urgent care facility by visiting and typing in their postcode or town. Those not sure can call 111 and talk to the NHS. They can advise on the best course of action based on symptoms. For more information on staying well this winter visit

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