Burton Hospitals launch their Dementia 2020 challenge

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Burton Hospitals launch their Dementia 2020 challenge
13 September 2017

Burton Hospitals has launched its Dementia 2020 campaign which will share essential information for Queen’s hospital staff and the public. 

The Dementia 2020 challenge sets out what the Government wants to see in place by the year 2020 in order for England to be the best country in the world for dementia care and support.  It also aims for the UK to be the best place in the world to undertake research into dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Julie Thompson, Senior Nurse for Older People, presented the Dementia 2020 commitments at an event held at the Medical Education Centre at Queen’s Hospital last week. A recording from the presentation will be used to assist in promoting Burton Hospital's five-year plan to the Prime Minister's 2020 dementia challenge.

Julie said “We want our staff across the trust to raise the awareness of and encourage people to assist in the aims of the 2020 Dementia Challenge so that we can provide high quality care to patients living with dementia.”

It will also highlight the progress to date on improving dementia care, support and research.

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