Burton Hospitals joins radiology consortium

Burton Hospitals joins radiology consortium
31 August 2017

CLINICIANS at Burton Hospitals will be able to share and report on patient images faster and more effectively after the Trust joined the East Midlands Radiology (EMRAD) consortium. EMRAD consists of eight Trusts across the East Midlands who are part of a clinical network which will deliver timely and expert radiology, such as X-ray services, for patients regardless of where they are treated.

The Trust will now be able to share images and information and means that any patient can be treated in any hospital within the consortium without repeat imaging, as images can be sent between sites without delay. This is also cost-effective. 

The new shared technical system will also allow clinicians to access the complete radiology imaging record for their patients, including scans, reports and clinical opinions, regardless of where they are based. This will help clinicians provide care closer to patients’ homes.

Dr Magnus Harrison, Medical Director at Burton Hospitals, said: “Joining the EMRAD consortium will bring a number of benefits, both for our consultants and our patients. We’re delighted to continue our 20-year relationship with GE Healthcare, who supply the technology to make this all possible, and we’re confident it will allow us to continue improve the care we provide to patients.

“In practical terms, it means specialist consultants at any one of the consortium Trusts can report on images of Burton patients and allow us to make the best clinical decisions for their care. It also means that patients don’t have to keep undergoing repeat scans to examine the same issue.”

EMRAD is part of the NHS Acute Care Collaboration Vanguard programme, in which 13 entities nationwide are developing ways that NHS trusts can work together on innovations to improve clinical and financial viability. The Trust has agreed a ten-year contract to be part of the consortium.

EMRAD uses GE Healthcare digital technology, including Centricity case exchange and Universal Viewer for sharing patient data and imaging both within and outside the consortium, Dosewatch, which measures and records a patient’s exposure to radiation during imaging exams, and Cockpit web-based reporting that allows images to be displayed and reports to be created across all sites.

Stephen Bromhall, General Manager, Healthcare Digital UK and Ireland at GE Healthcare said: “We are delighted that Burton Hospitals is joining the EMRAD consortium, which is at the forefront of innovative and collaborative radiology services provision. It is a great benefit to patients when images and reports are available to medical professionals wherever the patient is being treated.”

The seven other EMRAD consortium members are: Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS FT, Kettering General Hospital NHS FT, Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS FT, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust and United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

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