Audiologist wins national honour

Audiologist wins national honour
14 November 2016

Lindsey Tutaj, who joined Queen's Hospital in August after graduating with a BSc in Healthcare Science, Audiology, has received a prestigious national award from the British Academy of Audiology (BAA) for her outstanding achievements as an undergraduate.

This included the production of a final year dissertation about devices that can be used to manage the hearing condition tinnitus, which was so impressive that she was invited to present her work at an international tinnitus conference in Nottingham in front of renowned experts.

Lindsey, 27, was nominated for the Lisa Bayliss Award by her tutor from De Montfort University, Jeff Davies, for this and other achievements. He said she stood out as a ‘truly remarkable student having to balance her studies alongside her busy home life as a young mother’.  He also praised the quality of her dissertation which achieved the highest marks of all final year audiology students. Her work is also set to be published in a UK-wide audiology journal.

Mr Davies said: “I cannot think of a better person neither past or present who deserves this award more. It is the teacher which should inspire the student, however in Lindsey’s case it has been the opposite way round.”

Lindsey she didn’t know what she wanted to do when she left school, and worked in an office, but found it boring. After having a son when she was 21 she decided to go back to college and when her baby was just four months old she embarked on a two-year forensic science course and worked part-time as well.

“After completing that course I looked round to see what I wanted to do and kept coming back to audiology,” said Lindsey. She then secured a place at De Montfort University.

Lindsey completed a work placement during her degree at Nottingham Audiology Services and was volunteering there when a job vacancy came up at Burton: “When I came for the interview I loved the place and the people straight away and even though I live in Nottingham I was thrilled when I was offered the job here at Queen’s and didn’t apply for the vacancy that came up in Nottingham.”

The Lisa Bayliss Award was founded in memory of a 20-year-old student audiologist working at the Royal Liverpool Hospital, who died in 1992.

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