What does it mean to be a Foundation Trust


NHS Foundation Trust have been created to allow decisions to be made by local organisations and communities which are free from central government control and able to decide how best to spend the Trust’s income, taking into account the needs of the local community. 

Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s vision is to be the local healthcare provider of choice, delivering the best patient experience.  

Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is:

Fully accountable to its members who can vote for Governors and influence the way the Trust operates

Governed by the same high standards of quality and performance as other NHS Trusts and, like them, offers services free to patients at the point of use, based on need, not ability to pay

Overseen by an independent regulator,Monitor, accountable to Parliament and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). 

Those who choose not to become Members or Governors will receive exactly the same high standards of healthcare.  

Governance of a Foundation Trust 

The successful management of the Trust is the responsibility of the Board of Directors, working together with the Council of Governors.  The interests of members and the many partner organisations with this we work locally are represented by the Council. 

Each Foundation Trust has its own governance structure.  This is set out in the Trust’s Constitution, which is published on Monitor’s website.  Monitor is the regulator of NHS Foundation Trusts, making sure they are well managed and financially strong so that they can deliver excellent healthcare for patients.  The Constitution defines how the Trust will operative.  Visit the Monitor website to view the Trust's Constitution.


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