The role of a Governor

Who are the Governors responsible to?

Public and staff governors are elected by the members of the NHS Foundation Trust. Each Governor is responsible for representing the interests and views of a particular group of members. Public Governors will represent local people in their constituencies. Staff Governors will represent the views of their colleagues in the hospital where they work. Partner Governors provide input from their organisations.

How much time will I have to spend being a Governor?

The time commitment required will be different for each Governor. As a minimum, a Governor will be required to attend six meetings of the Council of Governors each year, and also the Annual General Meeting. These meetings are held bi-monthly and the Annual Public Meeting is usually held in September. Governors also need time to prepare for each of these meetings and to deal with any queries they receive from the constituents they represent. Governors are also encouraged to attend information and briefing sessions and work with staff groups across the Trust. There are also opportunities for Governors to sit and participate on working and focus groups and to assist with surveys and Trust events.

What will be the length of appointment as a Governor?

Governors are appointed for three years but are eligible to stand for re-election and may serve for a maximum of nine years.

Will I get paid?

Governors do not receive payment for the work they do. However, relevant out of pocket expenses are reimbursed.

What support will I receive as a Governor?

The NHS Foundation Trust provides full support to Governors via the Foundation Membership Office. Each Governor receives an induction to the Trust on appointment and will have a “one to one” with the Chair of the NHS Foundation Trust.  You will also be given the opportunity to participate in training and development activities.

Will my personal information be available?

We maintain a public register of Governors, which will contain Governors' names and details of their constituency and any interests they have declared. Members will only be able to contact Governors via the Trust's Foundation Membership Office.

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