Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Governor?

A Governor is elected by the Members of the Foundation Trust to represent the views of local people and strengthen the connections between the Trust and local communities.

What is the Council of Governors?

The Council of Governors works alongside the Board of Directors to ensure that the local communities and staff have a greater say in how services are developed and delivered by the Foundation Trust. It is made up of local people, staff members and representatives of local partner organisations such as primary care trusts and local authorities.

What is the role of the Council of Governors?

The Council of Governors plays a major role in the governance of the NHS Foundation Trust. Its main responsibilities include:

  • Gathering the views of members and the wider community about the services the NHS      Foundation Trust provides;
  • Working with the Board of Directors to produce the strategic vision and the annual plan of     the Foundation Trust;
  • Appointing the Chairman and the Non-Executive Directors and fixing their remuneration;
  • Appointing the Auditors for the NHS Foundation Trust;
  • Receiving the annual report and accounts;
  • Developing the membership strategy; and
  • Developing other programmes of work as agreed with the Board of Directors of the NHS   Foundation trust.
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