Queen's Hospital

Queen's Hospital

Belvedere Road
Burton upon Trent
DE13 0RB

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Queens Hospital Burton on Trent

We aim to be the local healthcare provider of choice with a mission to deliver the best patient experience possible.

At Queen’s Hospital there is a full complement of Accident and Emergency, outpatient and direct access services. All specialties are supported by a comprehensive range of clinical services in therapies, pharmacy, pathology, and radiology. We have two MRI Scanners, two CT Scanners, a dedicated endoscopy suite, a breast care unit, stroke facilities and modern maternity units.

A summary of the services provided at Queen’s Hospital, Burton

Accident & Emergency


Cancer services

Cardiology- Investigating and treating all types of heart disease

Care of the elderly

Dermatology - Our on-site clinics deal with a broad range of skin conditions and are complemented by services in Lichfield and Tamworth.


Endoscopy - Endoscopy is the direct visual examination of any part of the inside of the body, using an endoscope. This is a long, tube-like optical viewing instrument with a lens and light source. It is used to view the internal body organs. It may be inserted through the mouth, anus, nasal passage or urethra or small cut in the skin, which the endoscope can then be passed through.

Ear, nose and throat

General medicine

Genito Urinary Medicine (GUM)

General surgery

Haematology - Treating blood diseases through hospital based clinics backed by advanced laboratories.


Neurosciences - The branch of medicine dealing with the nervous system

Obstetrics - Services for pregnant women before and including childbirth

Open MRI - A new 1.5 Tesla (high powered) scanner designed for the large or claustrophobic patient

Ophthalmology - Eye medicine, including cataract removal

Oral surgery and orthodontics - Dental services, including specialist dental surgery and facial injuries

Paediatrics - Family orientated services for children, from new-born babies to 16-year-olds

Chronic pain services - Pain relief and management

Pathology - Pathology is a core clinical service. According to the Carter Report (2006), 70-80% of all health care decisions depend on pathology results! The four disciplines in pathology are:

Chemical Pathology: measures chemical, enzyme and drug levels in blood, urine etc. to diagnose disease / monitor its treatment

Haematology: tests blood cells, blood clotting and cross-matches blood for transfusion

Histopathology: evaluates cells and tissue sections to diagnose diseases

Microbiology: carries out investigation of infection as a cause of disease.

Plastic surgery

Radiology - Diagnosing and treating disease and injury using x-ray, ‘CAT’ scanning and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanning techniques

Rheumatology - Investigating and treating conditions affecting bodily joints and connective tissue, including arthritis

Trauma and orthopaedics - Orthopaedics provides treatment for skeletal and muscular problems, including bone fractures and joint replacement

Urology - Managing disorders of the urinary system, including bladder and continence problems


Improvement Plan

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