Car parking information for all sites

Car Park Information for all sites

Parking Helpline number 0333 456 1111

*Due to the regular high volume of cars arriving at the Queens Hospital site, you are highly likely to experience significant delays in finding a parking space. You are therefore strongly encouraged to use public transport for all journeys to and from hospital where this is possible. If it is not possible, you should allow plenty of time to arrive and find a parking space so that you do not miss your appointment. This may mean giving yourself an extra 60 minutes to arrive, find a car parking space and then make it to your appointment on time*

An Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system operates at all our hospital sites.  This means your registration number is recorded as soon as you enter the hospital site.  ParkingEye manages the car park payment system on behalf of Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and Parking Charge Notices will be sent to the homes of registered owners of cars that do not pay the appropriate fee or fail to adhere to time limits in the drop off zones. (See parking signs at our hospital sites for more information).

Please pay when you exit the hospital.  You will need to know your registration number.

The car parking tariffs are as follows:

First 20 mins             Free

Up to 1 hour              £2.00

Up to 2 hours            £2.50

Up to 3 hours            £3.50

Up to 4 hours            £4.00

Up to 5 hours            £4.50

Up to 6 hours            £5.00

Over 6 hours             £9.00

Weekly parking £10.00

The machines accept cash and card payments (including contactless). 

Parking payments are not transferrable between sites. 

You can also pay by telephone or via the Internet up to midnight on the day of your visit. Signs around the site and at pay machines will guide you through the system.

Please do not park on double yellow lines, restricted areas or outside designated parking bays. Access for emergency vehicles is needed at all times. Parking is monitored and enforced.

Please note that all income raised from car parking charges and from the payment of any charge notices is retained by the Trust. Once costs have been taken out, any residual income is used to fund front line health care. Parking Eye receive no additional payments for issuing Charge Notices.

Please be advised that the Trust cannot accept responsibility for any vehicle parked on the site, or its contents. Vehicles are left entirely at the owners’ risk. 

Blue badge holders can register with the Trust to receive an extra 30 minutes of free parking.  Please call us on the number below to register.  We will need to know your Blue Badge number.

Anyone with questions or concerns about car parking can contact the Car Parking Helpline on 0333 456 1111

Parking Charges & Appeals

Parking Charges

If you have received a Parking Charge Notice following your visit to any of our sites you will need to contact Parking Eye, our Parking Management Company, directly to pay the charge.



We encourage anyone who feels they have received a Parking Charge Notice unfairly to contact Parking Eye to lodge an appeal.

Parking Charge Notices are issued automatically and until further details have been provided they cannot investigate for you.

Parking Charge Notices have a reduced rate if paid within 14 days.  When an appeal is put in this stops the clock on the 14 day period that the lower price can be paid. Unless an appeal is submitted this opportunity will be lost.


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