A patient's journey through the Treatment Centre

Welcome to the Treatment Centre.

We hope this information will help you know what to expect when you visit the Treatment Centre and we will endeavour to make your stay with us as smooth and comfortable as possible.

When you arrive you will be greeted by our friendly front of house staff, who will take your details and book in.  You will be called through to either the male or female ward, where the nursing staff will go over some paperwork with you, take your vital observations such as blood pressure, pulse, oxygen levels and temperature. You will be asked to get changed into a hospital gown and will be given a pair of slipper socks to wear for your comfort and safety. It may also be necessary for the nursing staff to ask you to provide a urine sample; this is depending on what surgery you are having.

The surgeon and the anaesthetist will also want to ask you some questions and go over paperwork with you. Once this has all been done you will be asked to move to a seated area on the ward to await your surgery. There are magazines there and a TV will be on for your entertainment.

A member of the Theatre team will check your details with you and make sure everything is correct before proceeding into theatre. This is a process that will be repeated once you are in theatre.

After your surgery you will be transferred through to the recovery area where you will be looked after and monitored by a recovery trained member of staff. Once you are awake and your observations are within normal limits and you are comfortable, you will then be transferred to either the male or female ward.

The nursing staff working on the wards will care for you until you are ready to get up and dressed, they will continue to monitor your observations and get you refreshments when you are ready. Once you are dressed you will be asked to go to the toilet and pass urine, not for a sample just to ensure that your body’s systems are working adequately after your surgery. Before you are discharged a nurse will go give you discharge advice and if any pain relief has been prescribed this will be discussed with you.

Friends and family survey

The Friends and Family Survey is an initiative run throughout the NHS. Its aim is to ultimately understand patients’ needs and improve patient care. The survey is only for overnight patients, but if you would still like to give feedback you can complete a comment card or contact the Trust’s Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) team.

Explaining the srvey, the Department of Health has said: "In every hospital, patients are going to be able to answer a simple question, whether they’d want a friend or relative to be treated there in their hour of need."

Improvement Plan

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