Emergency Preparedness

Planning for major incidents

The NHS has a key role to play when responding to any unusually large emergency. We set resources aside to ensure that our patients continue to receive the best possible care during large emergencies and events that are referred to as major incidents.

Although major incidents are extremely rare, if it were to happen, our intention is to provide you with a helpful insight.

The NHS has a range of statutory obligations to fulfil when planning for and responding to major incidents.

The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 classes Burton Hospitals as a Category 1 responder and as such places on us the following statutory duties:

  • Assess any risks in our community
  • Ensure that we have business continuity arrangements in place
  • Have emergency plans in place
  • Inform, warn and advice the public
  • Cooperate in resilience activities with others
  • Share information with our partners

Other Category 1 responders with similar obligations would be the Police, Ambulance and Fire & Rescue Service.

The Act itself sets out the roles and responsibilities of local responders, ensuring continuity of civil protection to deal with a full range of emergencies from local major incidents through to large regional and even national emergencies.

We regularly review our established major incident contingencies, which can be activated if necessary 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our major incident policy sets out steps that would be taken in order to deal with all hazards for a variety of scenarios, such as pandemic flu, severe weather, flooding, heat wave, major road traffic collisions and chemical spills.

Although Burton Hospitals is prepared and well drilled, one of the most important elements of any emergency response is effective communication.

Therefore, we have attached some useful links to this page to ensure that you have access to as much information as possible at the time.

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