Before contacting us with any problems, please look at the information that is available in the troubleshooting section.

No Sound from the Hearing Aid

 Is the hearing aid switched on? Switch hearing aid to the ON setting.

Check you have a battery in the hearing aid! Put battery in hearing aid.

Is the correct listening programme selected? Select correct programme or switch position e.g. M.

Is the hearing aid in the T programme position by mistake? Select the Microphone programme.

Is the battery in the right way around? Remove the battery and put in the correct way around. If you have to force the battery drawer to close it's probably in the wrong way around.

Is the volume turned down and not at the correct level? Turn volume wheel (if active) to correct user setting.

Still No sound? Remove the sticky tab from the new battery and place in hearing aid.

Check that the earmould tubing is not blocked with wax: Tubing needs to be unblocked e.g. Using a blower to blow wax / debris out of tubing.

Is the tubing twisted or squashed? Tubing requires replacing

Are there droplets of condensation/moisture in the tubing? Remove tubing from the elbow of the aid, blow down the tubing to remove droplets.

Hearing Aid Whistling, Squealing or Buzzing

 This may be 'feedback', and happens when sound from your hearing aid leaks out and gets picked up by its microphone.

Is the earmould fitting correctly in your ear? You may not have put the earmould in properly – push it gently to check.

Do you have excessive wax build up in your ears? Ask your GP to check your ears.

Is the volume too high? Reduce volume to correct level using volume control.

Hearing Aid Buzzing? Check programme has not been changed to T position by accident.

You may need to ask us for help if:

  • Your earmould has cracked, or fits loosely in your ear
  • The elbow of the hearing aid (behind-the-ear-type) has cracked or come loose
  • The tubing (behind-the-ear type) has split, and you are not able to replace this yourself 
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