Shoulder, Elbow, Neck Team (SENT)

Experienced and expert physiotherapists at Queen's Hospital have been recognised in their ability to reduce pain and improve function for patients with complex neck, shoulder and elbow problems. The team prides itself on frequently gaining good results where treatments provided elsewhere have failed.  

Initially you will have a comprehensive clinical assessment by one of the senior members of the SENT team.  On some occasions the physiotherapist might require further investigations to confirm a diagnosis and/or establish the best treatment approach for you.  Some of these investigations can be done on the same day (such as X-rays), whilst others may require you to return at a later date (such as a scan). 


Each SENT team member is equipped with different skills, for example some are trained to provide acupuncture, whilst others are trained to provide manipulation. A few can provide joint and soft tissue injections. In some instances you may be assessed by one member of the SENT team and your care is then continued by a different team member. This is to ensure that the treatment you receive is provided by the physiotherapist best equipped to manage your problem.

The SENT team works closely with the upper limb orthopaedic consultants.  If your condition has been judged to require a surgical or specialist medical opinion, the SENT team will be able to refer you on to the relevant medical or orthopaedic consultant.  This aims to ensure any future treatment is directed to the most appropriate medical specialist.

The ‘SENT approach’ of using treatments not traditionally used by physiotherapists, their expertise and working collaboratively with medical specialists and surgeons, has enabled many patients to benefit greatly






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