Pre knee replacement group

If you are on the waiting list for knee replacement surgery at Burton Hospital you will be invited to attend the pre-op group. This starts with a talk held on the first Wednesday of each month at 10.00am. You will be taught what to expect while you are in hospital, and you will have plenty of chance to ask questions. After this one-off session there will be two weekly sessions in the physiotherapy gym where you will be taught techniques such as how to use crutches and climb the stairs.            

This has been shown to reduce anxiety by preparing you for the operation, and speed your recovery following the operation. It may even decrease the length of time you have to stay in hospital. Our aim is for you to confidently return to as active and independent a life as possible. 

Please ring the department if you are on the waiting list for a knee replacement at Burton Hospital and have not been invited to the pre knee replacement group.



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