Pharmacy Department

The Pharmacy department employs friendly and professional staff providing comprehensive services and support to patients, wards and departments of Queen’s Hospital, the Treatment Centre, Sir Robert Peel and Samuel Johnson Community Hospitals, Mental Health and Community Trusts.

Contact information

The Dispensary, Queen's Hospital, Burton: 01283 511511 ext 5111

Open 9am to 5pm Mon-Fri & Sat 9am to 12 noon 


About our Service

In-patients – we ensure your prescribed medication is safe, appropriate and available.

Out-patient – urgent and hospital-only medicines are dispensed.

Advice on medicines

We prepare special medicines for use in the hospital e.g. chemotherapy & intravenous feeding solution for newborn babies and adults.

Dispensing Clinical trial medicines

Our manufacturing unit makes medicines for use around the country.

Information for patients

We produce several leaflets to help you during and after your hospital visit but if you need further information about the Pharmacy or about the medicines we have dispensed for you please contact us on the numbers above.


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