Ophthalmology (Eyes)

Welcome to the Eye Department of Burton Hospitals. Here is a summary of the work of the Ophthalmology Department, which details the various sites, elements and facilities, including outpatient department and theatre services.  

You will also find a link entitled ‘meet the team’ which gives information on the consultants, nursing, management and admin staff. 

The Work of the Ophthalmology Department

Out-reach clinics in paediatrics, glaucoma, medical retina and some general ophthalmology are provided at nearby community hospitals.

The Ophthalmology Department provides a service on three main sites:

  1. Queens Hospital - All paediatric and in-patient work is carried out at Queens Hospital main site.
  1. Treatment Centre within the grounds of Queens Hospital where all ophthalmic outpatients and day surgery patients are seen and managed.
  1. Sir Robert Peel Hospital, (SRP) Tamworth - An outreach outpatient service is provided at this community hospital with clinics in paediatrics, glaucoma, medical retina and some general ophthalmology.
  1. Samuel Johnson Hospital (SJH), Lichfield - This service is at present is contracted out to a private practice although is part of the Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

The Department runs most aspects of general ophthalmology.

All consultants undertake general ophthalmology services as well as their sub-specialty interests.


Queens Hospital Ophthalmology Department provides a full diagnostic, assessment and treatment service for Paediatric, emergency and elective eye in-patients. Sub-elements of the service include –

  • Paediatric General Ophthalmology – medical and surgical
  • Medical retina with OCT scanning, Avastin for non ARMD indications
  • Laser treatment, Argon and YAG
  • Ophthalmic Primary care clinics (casualty)
  • Cataract surgery (Phacoemulsification)
  • Glaucoma: Humphrey fields, Zeiss disc NFL and Mac OCT
  • Oculoplastics
  •  Emergency in-patient beds

Theatre Services

We currently are able to run 2 ophthalmic theatres:

  • Phacoemulsification using Alcon
  • Zeiss operating microscopes
  • Alcon intraocular lenses

Oculoplastics, glaucoma surgery, intravitreal injections, form most of the remainder with scope for increasing this where appropriate.

Outpatient Services

The outpatient service provides daily general clinics in addition to specialist paediatric, diabetic, laser, glaucoma, ocular motility and primary care clinics; also nurse led clinics in addition to nurse led casualty. Procedures undertaken in the Outpatient Department include –

  • Argon and YAG Laser treatment
  • Minor lid operations
  • Fluorescein angiography/digital photography
  • B-scan ultrasonography
  • Visual fields (Humphrey field analyser)
  • Corneal Topography
  • Special clinics in Diabetes, Glaucoma, Medical Retina, Anterior Segment and Oculoplastic Disorders.

Sir Robert Peel is well equipped as an out-patient facility including time domain OCT which can be used for retinal and glaucoma assessment

Refraction and contact lens clinics, a low vision aid and prosthetic eye service are provided by outside practitioners.

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