Facial Pain

Patients with pain and symptoms affecting their face, including painful clicking in the jaw frequently benefit from being seen by the specialist physiotherapy team at Queen’s Hospital, Burton.  Most patients are referred by the maxillofacial and orthodontic team, but GPs can also refer to this service.  

Initially patients are invited to the Facial Pain Education Group.  This is a one-off session where a senior physiotherapist explains why pain and clicking can occur in the face and jaw, and advice on exercises and self-help strategies.  The feedback from this session has been very positive.  Adopting the advice and exercises, in most instances, makes a big difference to the pain.  Following attending the group, all patients are individually assessed to see how a tailor-made approach to managing their symptoms with physiotherapy can make a positive difference.  Treatment may include manual therapy, specific exercises and acupuncture. 



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