Elective admissions lounge

The Elective Admissions Lounge is the department where elective surgical patients report to on the day of surgery.

This is where any pre-operative checks are performed along with any outstanding tests that may be required prior to surgery.

The surgeon and anaesthetist will review a patient here pre-operatively also.

Patient remains here until required for surgery.


The Elective Admissions Lounge is situated on the first floor at Queen's Burton , next to theatres; it is signposted from the hospital shop.

About our Service

Once a patient has an appointment for surgery, they report to us, at either 07:30AM or 11:30AM.

07:30AM admissions are generally for the morning theatre list, however this may not always be the case.

11:30AM admissions are generally for afternoon theatres lists.

Theatre lists are pre determined by the surgeon operating, and there can be upto 5 theatre lists operating at any one time.

A patient is reviewed by the nursing staff, surgeons, and anaesthetist, this provides an ideal opportunity for patients to raise any concerns.

The patient remains within the Elective Admissions lounge until required for theatre, they then get changed into theatre gowns, and walk to theatre.

Their property remains in a locker in the lounge until their bed becomes available; this is then transferred to the ward by the Elective Admission Lounge staff.

Patient’s relatives are welcome to stay with the patient until they are needed in theatre.


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