Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

The ENT department in Burton provides a comprehensive adult and paediatric ENT service for South East Staffordshire and South Derbyshire.  All inpatient surgery is performed at Queens Hospital Burton.  Daycase surgery is also undertaken at the adjacent Treatment Centre.  Outpatient clinics take place at Queens Hospital Burton, Samuel Johnson Community Hospital, Lichfield, Tamworth Sir Robert Peel Hospital, and Hammerwich Hospital.  In addition, the subspecialist interests of the consultants attract tertiary referrals from outside the region.

Our clinical services include diagnosis and treatment for the following conditions:

Hearing loss, tinnitus, earache, ear infection, facial pain, balance disorders, aesthetic external ear deformity

Voice disorders, difficulty with swallowing

Nasal / sinus conditions, lacrimal duct disease, post-traumatic nasal deformity, facial skin tumours

Thyroid and parathyroid swelling, lumps in the neck, salivary gland disease, cancer of the head and neck

Treatment for emergency ENT conditions out of hours

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