Burton Fertility

The Burton Fertility

The Burton Fertility provides the full range of fertility services from the initial assessment of couples struggling to conceive all the way through to assisted conception treatment (IVF). 

The team at Burton Fertility offers individually tailored fertility treatments to both NHS and Private Patients. Couples are often referred after trying for a year or more but can be seen sooner if there are any concerns or known problems. The initial assessment aims to offer reassurance by ensuring there are adequate numbers of motile sperm (the seminal fluid analysis) and, on the female side, that ovulation is occurring and the Fallopian tubes are patent. The latter can easily be checked as an out-patient by ultrasound (a HyFoSy) or an x-ray (HSG) but a laparoscopy (day case key hole surgery) may be required if problems are expected or endometriosis suspected. If these tests are not reassuring, or if couples still struggle to conceive over the next year, then Burton Fertility offers a range of treatment options from ovulation induction (clomiphene or ‘clomid’) through intrauterine insemination (IUI) and, if necessary, in vitro fertilization (IVF).  

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