Back Pain Education Group (‘B-PEG’).

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Once we receive your referral, we will write to offer you the opportunity to attend the Back Pain Education Group (B-PEG). This is a single group session where we invite up to 30 people. The information given will help you understand why back pain occurs, why it can last longer than you expected and what you can do to ease or manage your symptoms. It has been shown that the more you understand about how the back works and the pain mechanisms affect you, the better you will do. You will be given helpful, straightforward advice designed to make life easier. The group is held twice a month, and you can choose which session is most convenient for you. One of the sessions will be after 5.00pm to suit those people who are at work during the day.  

Patients who have attended this session have told us how useful it has been and how much it has helped them to understand and recover from their low back pain.

We strongly recommend that you attend this session, so you can start to take control of your symptoms. You will then be prepared for your one-to-one assessment with a physiotherapist, where you will be given treatment and advice specific to your individual problem.




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