Anaesthesia stops you feeling pain and discomfort during surgical and medical procedures, but it is not just about putting to patients to sleep – it is about the whole patient experience, ensuring that you are cared for in a safe, friendly and empathetic environment.

We provide a comprehensive Anaesthetic service to Queen’s Hospital, the Treatment Centre and Sir Robert Peel Hospital.

Our core focus is the provision of anaesthesia for surgical interventions for patients either as day case procedures at the Treatment Centre and Sir Robert Peel Hospital or as in-patients at Queen’s Hospital. We also provide 24 hour Consultant led Obstetric Anaesthesia and Critical Care services.

In addition we work very closely with all medical and surgical specialities and are involved in approximately 70% of all hospital admissions.

Our services

Acute pain management

We run a Consultant-led multidisciplinary acute pain service.  Using the latest developments in post-operative pain relief, we offer an excellent service to ensure that patients are comfortable after surgery and throughout their stay.

Critical Care

Anaesthetists form the majority of doctors who specialise in the provision of critical care to patients in the intensive care and high dependency units. In our trust, this is supplemented by a round-the-clock Critical Care Outreach team which assists and trains staff on the general wards in the initial management of critically unwell patients.

Elective or Planned Surgery

We provide anaesthesia for a wide range of elective (planned) procedures. We offer both general and local anaesthetic techniques, often using a combination these to ensure optimum comfort. Regionally, we are considered to be a centre with particular expertise in local/regional anaesthetic techniques.

The surgical specialties we cover in Burton include Ophthalmology (Eye surgery), General surgery including breast, vascular and colorectal surgery, Ear, Nose and Throat surgery (commonly referred to as ENT), Dental surgery, Urology and Gynaecology. We also provide comprehensive cover for Obstetrics as described below.

Due to advances in anaesthetic and surgical techniques, we deliver an enhanced recovery programme for the whole range of specialities we provide, leading to reduced length of stay. This has contributed to our Trust being listed in the top 50 hospitals as per the CHKS National Awards (

Emergency Surgery

Anaesthetists perform similar functions to that for planned or elective surgery as described above. We participate actively in the resuscitation of patients who need more specialised support in liaison with other departments including Critical Care and tertiary centres. This may at times involve an initial resuscitation phase within our hospitals before repatriation to tertiary centres for more specialised care.  


 Our core aims in Obstetric Anaesthesia are:

  • The provision of high quality pain control and anaesthesia to mothers before, during and after the delivery of their babies
  • To support and advise Obstetricians, midwives and expectant patients throughout pregnancy and to contribute to the planning of care for high risk cases
  • To assist with the management of mothers requiring urgent medical treatment including resuscitation.

To achieve these aims, we provide a 24 hour Consultant-led service on the labour ward. We have a duty Anaesthetist available on the labour ward at all times and a team available for theatre emergencies which includes Operating Department Practitioners, Staff Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and Porters.

Our Consultant-led Obstetric Anaesthetic Clinic occurs on Mondays in the main Antenatal Clinic. The clinic’s core focus is to identify women who may have medical conditions that could adversely impact the pregnancy, delivery and the recovery period after delivery. This allows us to provide guidance, arrange additional investigations and/or obtain additional specialist guidance where appropriate to ensure the delivery of optimum care at the time of delivery. Referral to the clinic is via Midwives or Obstetricians.

Pre Assessment Unit

We lead a multidisciplinary team that assesses and pre-optimises patients prior to scheduled operations with the view to reducing patient risks and avoiding unnecessary delays.

As with the Obstetric Clinic above, the Pre Assessment Clinic’s core function is in the identification of patients who may have medical conditions that may have an impact on their operation and the recovery period after delivery. This again allows us to provide guidance, arrange additional investigations where and/or obtain additional specialist guidance where appropriate to ensure the delivery of optimum care at and around the time of the operation.

The patients are given the opportunity to ask further questions and seek clarifications on any issues regarding their procedure.

Additional services

Paediatrics - We currently provide an anaesthetic surgical and emergency service, including stabilisation of the sick or injured child.

We regularly anaesthetise children from age 12 months up for a variety of surgical interventions. We maintain strong links to the relevant paediatric networks in particular the West Midlands paediatric intensive care retrieval service.

Accident & Emergency/Medicine - There is 24 hour emergency anaesthetic cover, not only for theatres, but also for the entire trust. In particular we maintain a very strong link with the Accident and Emergency department for specialist assistance in resuscitation and major trauma, for example head injuries.

Teaching and Training

We are proud of our role in training the next generation of anaesthetists and critical care physicians. We currently have trainees from the Stoke School of Anaesthesia. We also have a cohort of Medical Students allocated to us from Leicester University, for whom we provide training in practical clinical skills and in managing critically unwell patients.

We are fortunate to have access to one of the UK’s best medical simulation centres - The Midlands Training and Simulator Centre (MTSC). This first class educational facility is core to our development and training of anaesthesia specialists and we play a fundamental role in its activities.

Where to find us

Our department is based on the first floor of the Belvedere Centre, Belvedere Road; providing office accommodation for anaesthetists and secretaries, together with a seminar room and library.

Alternatively, you can contact the department via the hospital switchboard on extensions 4152 or 4138. 






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