Babis Karagkevrekis

Orthopaedic Consultant - Babis Karagkevrekis
Orthopaedic Consultant - Babis Karagkevrekis

Babis Karagkevrekis

Orthopaedic Consultant

Mr Karagkevrekis is a lower limb orthopaedic surgeon with a special interest in the foot and ankle. 

Conditions Treated

This service is for Foot & Ankle referrals - The following conditions are commonly seen within this service:

Osteoarthritis - Foot & Ankle

Rheumatoid Arthritis - Foot & Ankle

Foot deformity, Achilles’ tendon problems, heel pain.

Soft tissue problems - Foot and Ankle

Hallux Valgus/Rigidus, bunion, forefoot problems/deformities

Procedures Performed

Reconstructive surgery for toes/feet problems.

Fusion of toes/feet/ankles

Tendon repairs/reconstruction.

Excision of ganglion/swellings.

For foot and ankle degenerative disease

Contact Details

Secretary: Anne Manners

Tel: 01283 511511 ext 5238

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